V-Twin Spinner Bait


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The V-Twin Spinner Bait features a unique “V” design with retractable arms that has changed and revolutionized the standard in spinner bait design. Unlike most double blade spinners on the market today, the “V” design allows each blade to rotate on it’s own arm providing superior performance. Slow-rolled or burned, the innovative V-arm design with premium blades delivers twice the vibration and thumping power of a single arm bait. Opposing blades deliver true running, deadly double blade action while spiraling to desired depths or down deep retrieves. Tournament quality and proven versatility:

• Hand finished custom colors
• Weedless sculptured head design
• Hand Tied Skirt
• Premium Hook & Swivel
• 3D realistic eyes
• Retractable arms for easy storage
• Available in 1/2 Oz.